[Python-Dev] mkdev, major, st_rdev, etc

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer@conectiva.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 19:14:42 -0300

> After thinking for a while, and doing some research about these
> functions, I've changed my mind about the best way to implement
> the needed functionality for tarfile. Maybe including major,
> minor, and makedev is the best solution. Some of the issues I'm
> considering:
> A patch providing these functions is available at
> http://www.python.org/sf/569139

Can someone please review it and let me know what I have to change
to get it in, or commit if everything is ok? I'd like to give Lars
some feedback about it, so that he can finish his work on tarfile.py.

Thank you!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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