[Python-Dev] strptime recapped

Brett Cannon bac@OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:06:36 -0700 (PDT)

After reading all the email up to this point,

[Guido van Rossum]

> [Skip]

> >     * Is strptime even the right name for it?  I doubt it.  Only us
> >       C-heads would think that was a good name.
> It's already called strptime in the time module. :-)

I have to agree with Guido on this one.  It might only make sense to
people who come from C, but it has always been named this in Python.

If the decision is made to go with another module for this code, though,
then that is a different story.

> >     * If you create a strptime (or timeparse or parsedate) module
> >       should it really have exposed functions named julianFirst,
> >       julianToGreg or gregToJulian?  Ignore the studly caps issue
> >       (sorry Brett, I don't think they fit in with normal naming
> >       practice in the Python core library) and just consider the

I think you're right.  I wrote this code originally after my last final
ever in college as an undergraduate and so I was just more interested in
relaxing and churning out some good code then being overtly proper in fxn
naming. =)  I will go through and read the Python coding style PEP and
clean up my code.

[Big discussion on whether a new module in Lib or just the callout to my
Python code from timemodule.c ensued that is beyond my comment since I am
so new to this list]

> Yes, holding off until I have the time to work on datetime and review
> Brett's patch seems wise.  Apologies for Brett.

It's quite fine with me.  I want to see this done right just like everyone
else who cares about Python's development.  Personally, I am just ecstatic
that I am getting to help out in some way.  I feel more like a giddy
little kid who is helping out some grown-ups with some important project
than a recent college graduate.  =)

Enjoy your vacation, Guido.

And don't leave us, Skip!  I know I have greatly appreciated your help
both on my patch and your input into all the other threads that have been
going on as late here.

-Brett C.