[Python-Dev] New subscriber

Lalo Martins lalo@laranja.org
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:07:19 -0300

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 10:53:15AM -0400, python-dev-request@python.org wrote:
> If you are a new subscriber, please take the time to introduce yourself
> briefly in your first post.

Hmm, ok.

My name is Fernando Martins, known as Lalo. I'm currently 27 and I live in
Brazil. I've been a Python advocate since Bruce Perens introduced me to it
in, what, '96.

I've been working professionally with Zope - ranging from site building to
training, from infrastructure hacking to consulting - since mid-99, when I
selected it from a range of options due to the fact that it was in Python.

In the course of zope training and consulting, I take every opportunity to
give python courses and talks.

I never subscribed to python-dev before because I was very involved in the
Zope community and preferred to keep my mind out of lower-level stuff, but
now I find there are lots of interesting things going on and I'd prefer to
be a part of it. ;-)

(Also, Zope is very cool but the web marketing can get tiresome - if I can
find a way, I'm planning to retire from it at least in part and spend more
time doing plain Python.)

  It doesn't bother me that people say things like
   "you'll never get anywhere with this attitude".
   In a few decades, it will make a good paragraph
      in my biography. You know, for a laugh.
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