[Python-Dev] Please give this patch for building bsddb a try

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
25 Jun 2002 09:04:38 +0200

barry@zope.com (Barry A. Warsaw) writes:

> `-rpath DIR'
>      [...]
>      The `-rpath' option may also be used on SunOS.  By default, on
>      SunOS, the linker will form a runtime search patch out of all the
>      `-L' options it is given.  If a `-rpath' option is used, the
>      runtime search path will be formed exclusively using the `-rpath'
>      options, ignoring the `-L' options.  This can be useful when using
>      gcc, which adds many `-L' options which may be on NFS mounted
>      filesystems.
> Reading it again now, it's not clear if "SunOS" also means "Solaris".

I see. This is indeed SunOS 4 only.