[Python-Dev] timeoutsocket.py

Bernard Yue bernie@3captus.com
Fri, 03 May 2002 01:49:02 -0600

Timothy O'Malley wrote:
> hola.
> I've taken a whack at option #1 (grand unification of socket and
> timeoutsocket).
> It's larger than I'd prefer to send in email.  If you are interested:
>   http://www.timo-tasi.org/python/socket.py
> --
> TimO

Tim, this is a complete rewrite of timeoutsocket.py.  It is quite an
effort :)

> 1.  Shall we merge socket.py and timeoutsocket.py?
> It certainly is possible to merge TimeoutSocket and _socketobject.
> If the merge was done in a straightforward manner, then every TCP
> socket would use Python code (instead of C code) for recv() and 
> send() methods.  Some might consider this an unacceptable performance
> hit.

I agree on the performance issue.  Over the past two weeks, Michael
Gilfix and I moved ahead with the implementing of timeout socket in C
level.  Michael translates what you've done in timeoutsocket.py and put
it into socket.c.  So far we did nothing to TimeoutFile.  The proposed
patch is basically done (except for the test case).  You can find it on

We are now working on the test case for connect() and sendfoo(). 
Currently, test for connect() is done by trying a timeout connect to an
external site (same to what you've done).  However, we wanted to remove
the external dependency on standard python test suit.  So far no luck of
make it working, and I cannot make sendfoo() to raise timeout error at

Would you like to help us with the test?


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