[Python-Dev] timeoutsocket.py

Bernard Yue bernie@3captus.com
Mon, 06 May 2002 14:26:03 -0600

Timothy O'Malley wrote:
> hola.
> That's awesome that you put the timeout functionality into the C-level
> socket module.  I'd vote that it is "The Right"(tm) way to include this
> feature in the standard library.  You guys rock!


> I couldn't get to the web site you indicated, so pardon this question
> if I could have found the answer on-line somewhere.

The site was down <sign>.  IS is now back up.

> How did you handle the _fileobject class in the standard socket.py?

We didn't.

> The version in Python-2.2 will lose data if the underlying socket raises
> an exception during a read() or readlines().  Basically, these two
> routines use a local variable to store the incoming data -- and that
> local variable will go out of scope after the exception during recv().

I'll modify the test case to see what happens.

> I believe that the TimeoutFile class in the socket.py version I thew
> together fixes this issue.  Of course, you may have already noticed
> and fixed this, too.

So it is why TimeoutFile was there in the first place.

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