[Python-Dev] Oberver Pattern

Magnus Lie Hetland magnus@hetland.org
Wed, 15 May 2002 14:20:31 +0200

Greg Ewing <greg@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz>:
> Fredrik Lundh <fredrik@pythonware.com>:
> > have you actually built large-scale UI applications using a
> > one-size-fits-all observer model, or are you just guessing?
> > 
> > in real life, "something happened" is almost entirely useless,
> > and the other extreme "this and this and this and this and
> > this happened" isn't much better.
> Having thought it through a bit more, you're probably
> right. I just thought it might appeal to Magnus, since
> he seems to be fond of lots of layers of magic, without
> much if any regard for performance...

Heh... Dead on ;)

Node that both in this case (and others) I'm mainly interested in
trying things out without brusing them off immediately. Several of the
more "magical things" we've played with in Anygui have been scrapped.
(It's not really that magical at the moment, IMO.)

Yes, I'm easily charmed by shiny objects, but it's usually not too
hard to talk me out of it :)

I guess I'll just have a look at the prototype (of the C level
observable) to satisfy my curiosity.

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