[Python-Dev] getting the UCS-2 representation of a unicode object

John Machin sjmachin@lexicon.net
Mon, 20 May 2002 08:10:22 +1000

19/05/2002 10:52:27 PM, "Andreas Jung" <andreas@andreas-jung.com> wrote:

>Py_BuildValue() allows the usage of "u" or "u#" to convert UCS-2
>data into a Python unicode object, however Py_ParseTuple() converts
>a unicode object to UTF-16. Is this an error in the documentation
>or why is there a asymmmetry in the API?
I hope it is a doc problem. s/UCS-2/UTF-16/

UCS-2 is old hat. It is 16-bit-only, UTF-16 without the "surrogates" that allow representation of the whole 2**21 (possible) character set.

BTW, isn't this a c.l.py question?