[Python-Dev] Windows XP dependency in Python release?

David Abrahams David Abrahams" <david.abrahams@rcn.com
Tue, 21 May 2002 12:55:42 -0400

From: "Guido van Rossum" <guido@python.org>

> > Hi, this just showed up on the C++-sig. Somehow I can't believe it's
> > first we've heard of it, but I thought I'd post a heads-up just in
> I find it difficult to extract the issue from the series of quoted and
> folded messages.  What's your summary of the problem?

Sorry, I have trouble predicting how my messages will get wrapped; time to
switch to emacs for mail.

The summary is that python22.dll seems to have been built so that it
depends on a DLL which only comes with Windows XP, though it strangely
doesn't cause a problem until loading an extension module.

From: "Achim Domma" <achim.domma@syynx.de>

> > From: c++-sig-admin@python.org [mailto:c++-sig-admin@python.org]On
> > Behalf Of David Abrahams
> >
> > Achim wrote:
> >
> > > I have a very strang problem with boost.python V1 and V2: On
> > > Win2K I build two extensions with boost.python, one with V1 and
> > > one with V2. Both compile without problems, but fail to
> > > load. The problem is a missing dll called 'apphelp.dll' which is
> > > only available on WinXP. According to Microsofts 'depends'
> > > utility the dll is neede by python22.dll, but my python works
> > > without problems.  Has anybody an idea ? I compiled working
> > > extensions some days befor, all on this computer!?
> >
> > very strange. I'm developing on XP without any trouble. My
> > apphelp.dll lives in c:\Windows\System32. Perhaps you deleted
> > yours, or you removed the directory from your PATH?
> No, I develop on Win2K and don't have an XP installation. But
> apphelp.dll is XP specific, so I don't know how the dependency comes
> to my computer.  Searching on groups.google.com I found lots of
> posts from php-people having the same problem.  I just used
> 'depends' on python22.dll (from ActiveState and from
> python.org). Both version depend on apphelp.dll. Don't know why the
> problem only arises when I try to load my extensions. Later I will
> try to compile a version on my own.
> Achim