[Python-Dev] New bugtracker project

holger krekel pyth@devel.trillke.net
Wed, 22 May 2002 18:33:34 +0200

Gordon McMillan wrote:
> On 22 May 2002 at 10:14, Michael Hudson wrote:
> > 2) Not having this lunatic distinction between
> > patches and bugs ...
> They seem distinct to me, but maybe I'm
> a bit old-fashioned :-). What artificial
> distinction do you find irksome?

i somewhat agree to michael. It becomes obvious when you 
want to submit a *patch for a bug* that you discovered. 
Even if reporting a bug and providing a patch is not done 
by the same person it's still one "issue" where the 
bug-submitter can help by testing the patch etc.. 

if-it's-not-a-bug-don't-fix-it-ly yours, Holger