[Python-Dev] Re: PendingDeprecationWarning

François Pinard pinard@iro.umontreal.ca
29 May 2002 21:19:29 -0400

[Tim Peters]

> Then Cray hired a bunch of young crybabies (like me), who-- with some
> justification --pointed out that octal dumps were really hard to scan for
> character data, given that Cray had moved to 8-bit characters.

Seymour Cray once told that story.  He hired many young engineers (hardware
and software) and was instructing them about his own designs with passion,
sharing his findings and choices with great enthusiasm.  But Seymour noticed
that they were listening with rather dull eyes, and no special pleasure.
What was discovery for him was flatly part of their curriculum, or almost.
He said something like: "Through their questions, they were criticising
our works or raising suggestions and -- damned! -- often they were _right_!".

Maybe he was speaking about you, Tim, who knows? :-)

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