[Python-Dev] deprecating string module?

David Abrahams David Abrahams" <david.abrahams@rcn.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:30:20 -0400

From: "Steven Lott" <s_lott@yahoo.com>

> I think the "nearly unanimous" is a bit overstated.

Might be.

> Some people like the older C-style free functions, but I think
> this is just old habits fighting on until the bitter end.

It's not just that. People are generally unhappy with "kitchen sink"
classes (admittedly C++ strings have a horrible case of this because of the
combination of STL and legacy interfaces). Also, member functions tend to
be difficult for generic programs.

> My (perhaps wacko) preference is to carefully segregate
> Strings and CharacterSets.
> After all, iswhitespace() maps a fact about a character set
> to a specific string instance.
> I think that the classic ASCII, the various ISO 8859 variants,
> and the Unicode character sets should
> be objectified and their attributes include strings of
> whitespace, uppercase, lowercase, etc., etc.

I think we're way OT here, but do you know about char_traits?