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Steve Holden sholden@holdenweb.com
Fri, 31 May 2002 04:12:25 -0400

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> > Well, personally I think it would be great if every release silently
> > suppressed deprecation warnings for code older than the release. So
> > it would only need to know its own release date. But I've made the
> > suggestion before, so apparently nobody thinks this is a sensible
> > way to achieve "silent deprecation".
> I think it would defeat the purpose.  Plus, how do you determine the
> age?
Clearly you'd have to goby the source file date, since a new release would
recompile the .pyc's. The main advantage is that deprecation wornings
wouldn't start appearing after the installation of a new release. The only
advantage I see for it is the silence. Obviously it would eventually mean
that programs died a sudden death due to feature loss. The warnings would
appear if the code were maintained, however.

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