[Python-Dev] Russian Insects News (May) 2002

Ilya Osipov Ilya Osipov" <i.osipov@mtu-net.ru
Wed, 29 May 2002 20:56:28 +0400

Dear Colleagues,

                              Are you interested in insects? Then you should
check out our site "Russian Butterflies" at "http://osipov.org/insects/"
                              There are more than 3,000 insects listed in
our price list: Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera,
Odonata  and others from Europe, Russia, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand,
Nepal, etc. There is also a huge online information, database of Russian
butterflies. Many specimens photos are available.


I am glad to suggest to you new possibilities for advertising your site or
homepage on "Russian butterflies" site.
There are several ways to do that:
      1. Add your message to "INSECTS FORUM"
http://osipov.org/insects/forum    (FREE)
      2. Add your insect site to "TOP 100 INSECTS SITES"
http://osipov.org/insects/top_list   (FREE)
      3. Add your link to   http://osipov.org/insects/links.htm   (FREE) To
do that add our link to your site and reply to this message with URL of your
      4. If you want your banner to be placed on each page of our site
("Russian<BR>butterflies" site has about 900 pages and about 1200
page views per day), please visit "http://osipov.org/insects/form.html"

Sincerely yours,
Ilya Osipov (Ph. D.)

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