[Python-Dev] Getting python-bz2 into 2.3

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 18:06:58 -0500

ay, November 01, 2002 5:15 PM
[Martin v. Loewis]
>> If you can, you should also include Windows build instructions (what
>> to download and how to unpack) - perhaps even with a MSVC project
>> file.

[Gustavo Niemeyer]
> Unfortunately I can't provide that part. :-(

Actually, you just did <wink>.  The link you provided *is* the place with
Windows build instructions and an MSVC project file.

> I'm away from the Windows world for many years now, and have no
> access to a machine were I could create those files. I'll promptly
> help anyone to solve any issues in that area though.
> In the URL below one may find information about bzip2, including
> binaries for many platforms:
> http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/

Semi-unfortunately, the author of that has

    no idea if it actually works on 95/98/ME/NT/XP

and in the docs for "3.8 Making a Windows DLL"

    I haven't tried any of this stuff myself, but it all looks plausible.

That means it will require some real work to build and test this stuff on 6
flavors of Windows.  Not a showstopper, but does raise the bar for getting
into the PLabs Windows distro.

The good news is that it's BSD-licensed, so we don't have to haggle about
license issues.