[Python-Dev] Low hanging fruit

Neal Norwitz neal@metaslash.com
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 16:50:55 -0500

Here's the lowest hanging fruit I could find.  Maybe some of these
can be fixed/closed:

These bugs/patches seem quite easy to close/fix based on last comment:
    http://python.org/sf/464405 - freeze doesn't like DOS files on Linux
    http://python.org/sf/534669 - remember to sync trees
    http://python.org/sf/599836 - Bugfix for urllib2.py
                this is closed, but should urllib also be fixed?
    http://python.org/sf/626570 - strptime() always returns 0 in dst field
    http://python.org/sf/627900 - Bytecode copy bug in freeze
    http://python.org/sf/618146 - overflow error in calendar module
    http://python.org/sf/569668 - LINKCC incorrectly set

These bugs/patches may be relatively easy fix:
    http://python.org/sf/527521 - httplib strict mode fails in 2.2.2
    http://python.org/sf/570655 - bdist_rpm and the changelog option
    http://python.org/sf/622537 - dummy_thread.py implementation
    http://python.org/sf/623464 - tempfile crashes
    http://python.org/sf/622831 - textwrap fails on unicode using defaults
                (didn't Greg have the fix on python-dev?)
    http://python.org/sf/622849 - inconsistent results 
                                  of leading whitespace in textwrap input
    http://python.org/sf/630195 - bdist_rpm target breaks with rpm 4.1
    http://python.org/sf/594893 - printing email object deletes whitespace