[Python-Dev] Snake farm

Andrew MacIntyre andymac@bullseye.apana.org.au
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 21:51:07 +1000 (est)

On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Neal Norwitz wrote:

> I know there are some FreeBSD problems.  There is a FreeBSD machine in
> the SF compile farm (ssh to compile.sf.net).  Just in case someone wants to
> try to fix the FreeBSD bugs. :-)

My FreeBSD Python-CVS autobuild setup has been down for a few weeks.

I've just however run a build/test on CVS of about 1800 UTC Nov2, and the
I find the following oddities:
 - test_locale skipped (unsupported locale: "en_US" not supported, but
      "en_US.ISO_8859-1" is supported - could be a system configuration
      issue, because adding an en_US symlink to en_US.ISO_8859-1 in
      /usr/share/locale fixes this)
 - test_strptime failed
     (error in test_returning_RE, due to lang being None as a side
      effect of defaulting to the C locale;
      failure in test_timezone due to my system having indentical std &
      dst designators ['EST', 'EST'] even though DST is active)

This is on FreeBSD 4.4 - I need to upgrade to 4.7 to see whether the
locale support is more complete.

Anything else I should look at when I can spare the cycles?

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