[Python-Dev] Snake farm

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
04 Nov 2002 23:06:31 +0100

Hye-Shik Chang <perky@fallin.lv> writes:

> BTW, Python-CVS can't be compiled FreeBSD-CURRENT, nowadays.
> Because FreeBSD-CURRENT hides non-POSIX stuffs on _POSIX_C_SOURCE
> mode, Modules/posixmodule.c fails to find chroot, minor, major,
> makedev and etc.  This patch enables python builds on
> FreeBSD-CURRENT but I can't find another generous workaround.

I don't like this approach. For -CURRENT, I would outright reject any
such patch; there should be a way to enable extensions even if
_POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined. Perhaps they reconsider until they release
the system.

OTOH, why absence of chroot a problem? Should not HAVE_CHROOT be
undefined if chroot is hidden?