[Python-Dev] ConfigParser with a single section

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
07 Nov 2002 22:28:43 +0100

Gustavo Niemeyer <niemeyer@conectiva.com> writes:

> > -0.  Complicates the code and the docs and the mental model to save what, 3
> > measly characters of typing (e.g., "[x]")?
> Tim, I've submited to patch #549037 a possible implementation of the
> singlesection algorithm I described in my last mail. If possible, could
> you please verify if it's simple enough to change your mind?

I doubt that. With no proposed documentation change, it is hard to
evaluate whether the doc changes are simple. There is no way to get
rid of the complication in the mental model. For the code changes:
shouldn't there be a change to .write also?