[Python-Dev] Continuous Sets in 2.3 set implementation?

Frank Horowitz frank.horowitz@csiro.au
11 Nov 2002 13:38:50 +0800

G'Day folks,

I've had a quick read through of the CVS version of the set.py code. The
class as implemented looks nice and clean for what I would call
"discrete sets" (e.g. iterable). (I do like the idea of using the dict

However, one thing bothers me. Certain operations, such as unions,
intersections, and symmetric differences, make sense for "continuous
sets" too (think about intervals on the line). 

I know it's probably too late in the development cycle to get any
meaningful continuous set operations supported, but is there any hope of
renaming the implementation to something along the lines of "dsets" to
remind the user of the discreteness? (Am I being too pedantic?)

		Frank Horowitz