[Python-Dev] Snake farm

Marc Recht marc@informatik.uni-bremen.de
11 Nov 2002 20:10:38 +0100

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> Please be as precise as possible when talking about this stuff. What
> issues precisely?
Sorry. Trying to. I've posted more detail (including a build log) on Source=
But again the major problem is certain defines and typedefs like PF_INET
or u_char, u_int (see SourceForge) are only defined in the __BSD_VISIBLE
case. These defines typedefs are needed by certain Python modules like
sockemodule, nismodule.
> I'm not going to accept patches for platform-specific changes just
> because a user said that these changes are needed "to make it
I also a friend of generic/standard solutions,I don't see one here. I
would be more than happy proved to be wrong...
You say you want no platform specific stuff in configure and the person
responsible for the standard stuff on the FreeBSD side says:
"The whole point of the standards constants is to specify a strict
environment.  If you want a BSD environment don't specify a particular
standard, it's simple.".

> work". Instead, I want to record the *precise* cause that triggered
> these changes, so that others can re-evaluate whether they are still
> needed five years from now.
I understand that, but this is a build fix. So the evaluation is quite

> > Some problems are left, because some functions (like ftello) are
> > only defined at a higher POSIX level.
> Why is that a problem?
Because Python tries to use them.
> > In that case __BSD_VISIBLE is not set.
> And why is that a problem?
Because certain stuff Python seems to rely on isn't there. (see

An other option could be that Python doesn't use non-POSIX
functions/definitions were they aren't available..

> This is exhausting.
I know and talking to both camps is rather frustrating..

Maybe we should continue this discussion on SourceForge.


"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -- Donald E. Knuth

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