[Python-Dev] Re: [getopt-sig] Adopting Optik

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:37:29 -0500

On 13 November 2002, Guido van Rossum said:
> I want to start working on an alpha release of Python 2.3.  I'd like
> to be able to release 2.3a1 before Xmas.  PEP 283 has a list of things
> to be done.  One of the tasks is to adopt Greg Ward's options parsing
> module, Optik.  I propose to adopt this under the name "options".  Any
> comments?

I have yet to be thrilled by any of the proposed names, and I'm not
thrilled by this one.  It's possible that I dislike it slightly less
than OptionParser, which has been my working title for ages now.

BTW, several weeks ago I wrote a script to do much of the grunt work.
If you have the Optik CVS tree checked out, this:

  ./merge optik.py

will merge the relevant code from lib/*.py into optik.py.  Change the
output name to suit your taste, of course.

Still haven't done anything about the test suite, which is probably the
main reason I've been procrastinating on this.  (Oh yeah, the docs too.)

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