[Python-Dev] Yet another string formatting proposal

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:22:48 +0100

Oren Tirosh wrote:    

> Yes, it might break some existing code that doesn't use proper \\ escaping
> or raw strings for regular expression. Note that such code is already 
> broken in the sense that it uses an undefined escape.

"not proper"?  "broken"?  "undefined"?

Please read the section on string escapes in the *Python* language
reference, and try again.  Start here:


> If this turns out to be a real problem a possible alternative is to use
> curly braces. There is a precedent for this in u"\N{UNICODE CHAR NAMES}"

Last time I checked, the N in \N was a character, not a curly brace.