[Python-Dev] Expect in python

Steve Holden sholden@holdenweb.com
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:31:40 -0500

> David Ascher <DavidA@ActiveState.com>:
[ .. ]
> >                     I agree that expectish functionality would be nice.
> > Something that I could grow into a Windows/not-just-pty's model would be
> > even nicer.
> Agreed.  Your chances of this certainly won't be *decreased* if pexpect is
> included.

I'd quite happily settle for something that could drive cygwin bash shells
under Windows, but clearly somebody cleverer than I will have to work some
magic for such functionality to appear.

Presumably manipulating command windows with cyg/bash inside them requires
pretty much the same features as manipulating windows with the Windows
command shell inside them.

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