[Python-Dev] from tuples to immutable dicts

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
25 Nov 2002 08:51:17 +0100

Brett Cannon <bac@OCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> Somehow being able to use this setup with C extensions; possibly as a
> direct hook into actual C structs with minimal Python objection conversion
> fuss.  So setting values in the structseq could somehow alter the
> underlying C struct directly.  That is what I took away from one of your
> earlier comments.

It is certainly possible to use a structseq in a C extension, after
all, this is what the posix and time modules do. However, there is no
attempt to directly use the layout of the underlying struct. The
struct module would probably be a better starting point for that.