[Python-Dev] Expect in python

Noah Spurrier noah@noah.org
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:06:28 -0800

> Lance Ellinghaus <lellinghaus@yahoo.com> writes:
> > Yes. I have been using it for a while. It works very well, except 
> > to make it run on Solaris you have to make modifications to the posix
> > module. I submitted the necessary changes, but they were denied since
> > I made them Solaris specific. The module changes are in the submitted
> > patches on SourceForge under the Python project.
> If these changes are what I think they are, I know how to implement
> them generically.  What was the patch number?
> zw

Keep me in the loop on these changes. I have been using Source Forge's
Compile Farm to test Pexpect on different platforms. So far, the most
troublesome platform has been Solaris. This is bad because I think that
Solaris is strategically a very important platform to support.

Lance, I tried a copy of Python patched with the changes you sent me
a long time ago, but I ran into a lot of problems. It built fine and would
allow me to use the pty module, but it raised lots of exceptions that I
was not clueful enough to track down.

Zack, I would be happy to work with you or Lance to test changes
necessary to make the pty module work on Solaris. ... There were also some 
small problem on OS X, but I am not sure if these problems were similar to
the problems I had with Solaris. I noted these problems in the BUGS
section of the Pexpect page on sourceforge.