[Python-Dev] Talking Turkey

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 19:22:14 -0500

[Delaney, Timothy]
> We'll start celebrating Thanksgiving the day you guys start celebrating
> Australia Day ... ;)

You should start the day before!  A transplated friend from Israel told me,
after about 10 years in the US, that Thanksgiving had become her favorite of
all holidays, anywhere -- because it favors no nationality, religion, social
class, culture, or, umm, programming language.  Everyone is welcome at
Thanksgiving!  How many other holidays can say that?  It's a day to sit
around getting increasingly bitter, as you wonder why on Earth you should be
thankful for the rotten hand life has dealt you.  The great thing is that
everyone else is thinking the same thing, and great relief follows after the
group rips a turkey apart with their bare hands and (I hope this doesn't
shock you) *eats* it!  It's barbaric, I know, but all in all it's cheaper
than bombing Iran or Iraq, and has much the same cathartic effect.  Offhand,
I doubt that eating an Australian instead would go over nearly as well here,
so I think you'd best keep Australia Day where it belongs.