[Python-Dev] Proposed changes to linuxaudiodev

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:27:39 -0500

Hi all --

I've been hacking sporadically on the linuxaudiodev module for the last
couple of days.  Initial results are in patch #645786
(www.python.org/sf/645786).  The main goal of this patch is to make
linuxaudiodev objects a thinner wrapper around the underlying OSS device
driver, while still providing some highish-level convenience methods --
see my comments in the patch for details.

There's a slight theoretical risk of backwards incompatibility, though.
Since this module has never been documented, and since its current
behaviour is such that doing anything really funky is severely
curtailed, I very much doubt this will be a problem.  Is anyone doing
anything with linuxaudiodev more sophisticated than playing silly beep
sounds?  Should I ask around on python-list to be sure I won't ruin
anyone's day with this change?

Oh yeah: someone noted in the CVS history that the module is misnamed.
This is true; it should probably have been called ossaudiodev -- OSS is
the current standard audio API used by Linux and, I think, various BSDs.
It's also available for a bunch of commercial Unices.

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