[Python-Dev] int/long FutureWarning

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 22:42:10 +0100

On vrijdag, nov 29, 2002, at 17:11 Europe/Amsterdam, Jack Jansen wrote:
> I grabbed it from the old discussion, so there's a good chance MAL 
> came up with
> it at that time. But Guido mumbled somthing about "k1"=="B" and 
> "k2"=="H"
> and that being overkill, and then the discussion stopped. Hence my 
> question:
> is k1/k2/k4/k8 what it's going to be?

Cycling home I realized that this is may interfere with another plan I 
have: release an addon MacPython-OSX distribution for Apple's 
/usr/bin/python. This would basically be a distribution of the stuff in 
the 2.3 Mac subtree, which would graft itself on Apple's Python 2.2. At 
the moment this is possible, as the 2.3 Mac subtree is compatible with 
a 2.2 core. And MacPython-OSX 2.2+ is important to me, as it is part of 
my strategy for World Domination (by Python, not by me:-).

Mark, do you still distribute PythonWin for multiple base Python 
versions? Would using new PyArg_ParseTuple format specifiers interfere 
with that? If not, how would you solve it?
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