[Python-Dev] The first trustworthy <wink> GBayes results

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney@avaya.com
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 17:43:06 +1000

> From: Tim Peters [mailto:tim.one@comcast.net]
> I'm going to say a lot of stuff here, and then shut up 
> <wink>.  I want to
> move on to other things, but there's an opportunity to pass 
> on some darned
> good advice for those who can hear.

Pretty darned good advice too ... but you won't object if I waste some time
playing with this stuff anyway I hope. Only one way to accumulate experience
after all ;)

Personally, I considered that you were already well past the point of
diminishing returns, and anything further was of academic interest to those
who felt a desire to tinker ... (i.e. the hard work has been done, and
everything else is just fun and games :) If enough people (or just one
dedicated person) waste enough time, who knows what may come out. Hey - it
worked for timsort didn't it ...? ;)

Tim Delaney