[Python-Dev] Re: The first trustworthy <wink> GBayes results

jason-exp-1031786493.04d3ca@mastaler.com jason-exp-1031786493.04d3ca@mastaler.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 17:28:24 -0600

Neil Schemenauer <nas@python.ca> writes:

> I bring this up because "STMP time filtering" makes a bypass
> mechanism work much better.  With a system like TMDA, confirmation
> notices usually generate double-bounces.  Instead, we could reject
> the message with a 5xx error that includes instructions on how to
> bypass the filter (e.g.  include a cookie in the body of the
> message).

TMDA doesn't do this because it would make more work for the sender to
get his message delivered.  Because TMDA stores the incoming messages
in a local queue, the sender just has to reply to a confirmation
request, and his original message gets delivered.  As opposed to
having to cut and paste his message from the body of a bounce and then
resend it.  So, not operating at the transport level saves your
correspondents some work at the expense of some bandwidth.