[Python-Dev] SF patch#555779, "import user" and Apache... *humble*

Stephen Hansen stephen@ixokai.net
05 Sep 2002 13:27:47 -0700


So. Hi. Python-Gods. Um. So. Anyways. *embarassed*

I submitted a really tiny patch to SF awhile back, #555779, which would
make "import user" actually useful in a certain specific CGI situation.
The BDFL seemed to have no problems and said anyone could commit it.. no
one has. :) Now, i'm not impatient at all, its already patched into all
the machines i'm working on... however, i'm just sending this little
reminder in the hopes that it won't be forgotten until after 2.3 comes
out. :) I don't want to re-patch everything again later, i've got quite
a few machines currently using it. :)

*cough* So. Yes. Well. Thank you for your time. :)

*runs away*