[Python-Dev] Please help solving the problem

Praveen Patil praveen.patil@silver-software.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:01:45 +0100

Hi ,

Please help me in solving the problem below.

step 1: I have written three dlls :  a.dll , b.dll , c.dll.
                 a.dll contains  funct_A();
                 b.dll contains  funct_B();
                 c.dll contains  funct_C();

step 2: I am copying a.dll to directory C:\Program Files\Python\DLLs  and
renaming as a.pyd
           I am copying b.dll to directory C:\Program Files\Python\DLLs. I
am not renaming as b.pyd
           I am copying c.dll to directory C:\Program Files\Python\DLLs and
renaming as c.pyd
        So my  C:\Program Files\Python\DLLs  directory contain
                         a.pyd , b.dll , c.pyd

step 3: a)Python function func_pyA() calls funct_A()
        b)funct_A() call funct_B()
        c)funct_B() call funct_C()
        d)funct_C() call python  fuction  func_pyC()

step 4: I am importing a.pyd and c.pyd in python program.
             import a
             import c

step 5: I am having problem in importing 'a' because  'a' need to load b.dll
and c.dll. But I copied c.dll as c.pyd.
        Please suggest me some solution.

here is my code :

 1)a.c (a.dll)
         void func_A();

 2)b.c (b.dll)
          void func_B();

 3)c.c( c.dll)
          void func_C();

 4) example.py
   import a
   import c

   G_Logfile  = None
   def TestFunction():
     G_Logfile = open('Pytestfile.txt', 'w')
     G_Logfile.write("%s \n"%'I am writing python created text file')
     G_Logfile = None

   if __name__ == "__main__":

Please help me in solving the problem.



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