[Python-Dev] Need advice: cloning python cvs for CE project

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 14:16:07 +1000

FWIW, a breakin at my house means my insurance company is funding a
sparkling new CE machine for me - which means PythonCE should be able to
work again for me soon :)  My Linux box (laptop) was taken at the same time,
and it seems the replacement will be significantly faster than my desktop.
Gotta love insurance ;)

> Also, none of the developers have core CVS access now, so I do
> not think a branch
> would be appropriate.

I havent been up to date with the latest PythonCE work, but I believe there
are two key issues:

1) Fairly simple patches to random files that allow CE to compile.  These
are generally fairly transparent, and generally just #ifdef out certain

2) Larger patches or new source files that involve significant code - often
a re-implementation of something missing from CE that Python really likes to
have, or converting everything to and from Unicode for the CE API.

I believe (1) could be handled using the source forge patch manager, as
patches to the core.  Depending on how much this reduces the size of the
patch, the best way to handle (2) could be determined later.

I'm happy to help steer some of this through, and as I said above, I should
actually be in a position to build and test PythonCE again soon.  I've got a
few busy weeks ahead of me, but after that will have some Python time back.