[Python-Dev] Why are useful tools omitted from the Win bin distro?

David LeBlanc whisper@oz.net
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 12:03:05 -0700

I agree - downloading the source distro yields some goodies that would be
nice in the binary distro - many windows folks won't d/l the source since
many of them don't have a C compiler, especially the "VB" types.

I nominate Alex as "Mr. WinBin" ;)


David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> distro?
> Just helped some people on the Italian Python mailing list find some
> indispensable tool (Tools/i18n/pygettext.py, in this specific case) and
> they expressed astonishment that the tool isn't in the standard Windows
> binary distribution, which was all they had downloaded.  This set me to
> wondering -- is there any reason why this and other tools &c
> should NOT be
> included in that binary?  Could we add them in 2.2.2 and later releases?
> Alex
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