[Python-Dev] proposal for interfaces (errata)

Esteban U.C.. Castro esteban@ccpgames.com
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 06:47:34 -0000

g_f should be i2f.


Method renaming:

 class I1(interface):
   def f(self): ""

 class I2(interface):
   def f(self, a, r, g, s): ""

 class SomeClass:

   def i_f(self): pass
   i1f.__implements__ =3D I1.f

   def g_f(self, a, r, g, s): pass
   i2f.__implements__ =3D I2.f

[Note: if 'implements' is introduced as a keyword, as in the PEP, =
could just as well declare

 def g_f(self, a, r, g, s) implements I2.f: