[Python-Dev] Re: Documentation: type-vs.-function

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:58:03 -0400

David Abrahams writes:
 > Does this distinction matter? A little, I think. Calling it a function
 > makes it sound like we're living in the past. Same goes for str, type,
 > list, tuple, et. al. I realize that the type (especially <type 'type'>)
 > acts like a function under many circumstances...

It definately matters.

Alex Martelli writes:
 > It's important, when feasible, to clarify what built-ins are types
 > -- a type has MORE functionality than a function, after all (in
 > particular, one can subclass it, while one can't subclass a
 > function).

I agree.

The current somewhat-vague plan is to add a new section parallel to
the section on built-in functions that lists the built-in types
exposed in the __builtin__ module.  This would make it easier to
describe these types and their ability to be subclassed in a more
rational manner than in their current location.  Placeholder entries
will be maintained for the function entries so people accustomed to
looking in the current location won't be completely lost.


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