[Python-Dev] backporting string changes to 2.2.3

Neal Norwitz neal@metaslash.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 18:50:01 -0400

Just in case anybody missed it the first several times, 
there were several inconsistencies in the string methods/functions.
This checkin should make everything consistent for 2.3.

I'm planning to backport these string changes to 2.2.3.
The reason is that methods on string objects already have the
changes, only doc is being updated.  The string module has
the change for strip, but not lstrip/rstrip, and UserString
doesn't have any.  

        Modified Files:

         Doc/lib/libstring.tex: 1.49
         Lib/UserString.py: 1.17
         Lib/string.py: 1.68
         Lib/test/string_tests.py: 1.31
         Objects/stringobject.c: 2.208
         Objects/unicodeobject.c: 2.187

        Log Message:

        Attempt to make all the various string *strip methods the same.
         * Doc - add doc for when functions were added
         * UserString
         * string object methods
         * string module functions
        'chars' is used for the last parameter everywhere.

        These changes will be backported, since part of the changes 
        have already been made, but they were inconsistent.