[Python-Dev] new bytecode results

Neil Schemenauer nas@python.ca
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 15:14:31 -0700

Damien Morton wrote:
> I tried adding a variety of new instructions to the PVM, initially with a
> code compression goal for the bytecodes, and later with a performance goal.

Hi Damiem,

It's good to see your enthusiasm for optimization.  However, I can't
help but think your efforts could be better directed.  Have you looked
at the CALL_ATTR work that was done at PyCon?  There was also some work
done on optimizing descriptors.

I think working on global and builtin namespace optimizations could
payoff big.  There was talk about disallowing shadowing builtin names.
That would allow getting rid of runtime lookups in dictionaries and even
inlining of builtin functions.  I have a patch on SF that could use some
polish.  Also, working on the new AST compiler would help us.  It will
be much easier to add new optimization passes after that work is

> begin 666 source.zip
> M4$L#!!0````(`.0E6RZ%[DUZ.%X``)9\`0`'````8V5V86PN8^Q]?5<;.;+W

Yikes.  Next time you should just upload a patch to Source Forge.