[Python-Dev] shellwords

Gustavo Niemeyer niemeyer@conectiva.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 16:23:27 -0300

> Cool.  Based on this thread and an experiment I tried, some obvious (to me)
> things come to mind:
>     * get_token() needs to be fixed to handle the 'bar'asd'foo' case
>     * the shlex class should handle strings as input, not just file-like
>       objects
>     * get_word() or get_words() methods in the shlex class could implement
>       the shellwords functionality

Ok, it was easier than I imagined. Here's an example of the new shlex.

Maintaining the old behavior (notice that now strings are
accepted as arguments):

>>> import shlex
>>> l = shlex.shlex("'foo'a'bar'")
>>> l.get_token()
>>> l.get_token()

New behavior:

>>> l = shlex.shlex("'foo'a'bar'", posix=1)
>>> l.get_token()

Introduced iterator interface:

>>> for i in shlex.shlex("'foo'a'bar'"):
...   print i

New function, mimicking shellwords:

>>> shlex.split_args("'foo'a'bar' -o='foo bar'")
['fooabar', '-o=foo bar']

I'm not sure if "posix" and "split_args" are the best names for these
features. Suggestions?

I've just commited patch #722686 (and assigned to Guido, as he suggested
recently ;-).

Gustavo Niemeyer

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