[Python-Dev] netrc.py

Raymond Hettinger python@rcn.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:49:12 -0400

[Fred L. Drake, Jr.]
> Looking at the netrc(5) manpage on my RedHat 7.3 box, I'd say it's
> clear that a machine entry without a login should specifically
> suppress autologin for that machine.  For example, this .netrc file:
>   machine ftp.example.com
>   default login anonymous password fred@example.com
> should cause autologin on every machine except for ftp.example.com.
> If the ftp.example.com entry is simply dropped, the default could be
> used, and that would be wrong.
> So I think the entry should be retained, with a login value of None.

[Skip Montanaro]
> Why not have it add an entry to self.hosts with an empty string associated
> with the 'login' key?

Since existing apps expect a string, the empty string approach may be preferable.

Raymond Hettinger