[Python-Dev] Cryptographic stuff for 2.3

Brett Cannon drifty@alum.berkeley.edu
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:22:46 -0700 (PDT)

[Barry Warsaw]

> On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 16:09, Brett Cannon wrote:
> > I think does make sense, though, to have a package that is maintained
> > separately that python-dev pseudo endorses (like PyXML and win32all) that
> > contains all of this crypto stuff.
> Where do we draw the line?  Do we delete the ssl stuff?  What about the
> crypto hashes?  hmac?  md5?  mpz?  All of Chapter 15 in the library
> reference manual?

Anything that causes export issues should be separate.  From my
understanding hash functions are not regulated.  I believe SSL is okay
because the encryption is not high enough (this all from memory, so don't
take this as hard fact).

But you are right, Barry, there is no hard line that can easily be drawn;
joys of laws in the US.  =)