[Python-Dev] Cryptographic stuff for 2.3

Martin v. L÷wis martin@v.loewis.de
24 Apr 2003 23:17:19 +0200

Neal Norwitz <neal@metaslash.com> writes:

> My memory is fuzzy.  I remember talking to Martin and Jeremy, but
> this was probably at least 6 months ago.

You first sent a letter that I include below; you then edited the


It appears that you then didn't actually send the notification to BXA,
but that the PSF board passed a motion in


charging Jeremy with contacting BXA; it appears that this did not
happen, either.


> I work on an open source project called Python.  It is a programming
> language which is publicly available at http://www.python.org/.
> The current version is 2.2.  This software is provided free of charge.
> We would like to comply with US export regulations, however,
> we are not sure what, if anything, needs to be done.
> There is an encryption technique used in the rotormodule.c file
> (which is attached).  This apparently uses 80 bits.
> Do we need to send a NOTIFICATION?  Is there anything else we
> need to do?
> Thank you,
> Neal