[Python-Dev] New test failure on Windows

Gary Herron gherron@islandtraining.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 17:47:28 -0700

On Thursday 24 April 2003 04:33 pm, Gary Herron wrote:
> There's a bit more to this problem.  It has to do with the *sre* test
> versus the *re* tests.  When test_sre is run, it claims to run all its
> own tests as well as all of test_re.  However any failed tests in
> test_re are not reported by test_sre.  (Neither the one found by Tim
> nor any others I just purposely introduced into test_re.)  This is
> clearly a problem with test_sre.  Only if you run test_re directly
> rather than through test_sre do you see Tim's error.

Sigh... I find I was confused and must correct that last paragraph...

Test test_sre imports re_test not test_re, and test_re also imports
re_test -- perhaps you'll understand my confusion.  Running test_sre
should *not* find Tim's bug, but running test_re should.  Test_sre has
no problem, test_re needs to be fixed, and re_test, used by both, is

Gary Herron