[Python-Dev] should sre.Scanner be exposed through re and documented?

"Martin v. L÷wis" martin@v.loewis.de
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 21:32:26 +0200

Skip Montanaro wrote:
> While moving tests from test_sre to test_re I stumbled upon a simple test
> for sre.Scanner.  This looks fairly cool.  Should it be exposed through re
> and documented?

I think /F did not consider it ready for general consumption. I believe
the approach is cool, but the API would still leave features to be 
desired. In practical compiler construction, I usually copy the 
approach, and duplicate it - that gives a very efficient and readily 
comprehensible scanner.

IOW, I would leave it where it is: As a masterpiece of work to get 
inspiration from, but not as a tool to give out to anybody.