[Python-Dev] LynxOS4 port: need pre-ncurses curses!

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 00:47:43 +0200

On vrijdag, apr 25, 2003, at 18:58 Europe/Amsterdam, Martin v. L=F6wis=20=

>>  *   Based on prior work by Lance Ellinghaus and Oliver Andrich
>>  *   Version 1.2 of this module: Copyright 1994 by Lance Ellinghouse,
>>  *    Cathedral City, California Republic, United States of America.
>>  *
>>  *   Version 1.5b1, heavily extended for ncurses by Oliver Andrich:
>>  *   Copyright 1996,1997 by Oliver Andrich, Koblenz, Germany.
>> so I guess I'm looking for version 1.2 of _cursesmodule.c.
> I think your guess is wrong. The extensions are used only if =
> and the curses module works with pre-ncurses implementations of curses
> just fine.

Not in all cases. Before MacOSX had ncurses (MacOSX 10.1 and earlier had
an ancient BSD curses) the only solution was to disable building curses,
as the module didn't compile, and fixing it was far from obvious.
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