[Python-Dev] Accepted PEPs?

Phillip J. Eby pje@telecommunity.com
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 16:51:58 -0400

At 12:11 PM 4/26/03 -0400, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> > I was going over the PEP index this morning, and I noticed a large number
> > of PEPs listed under the "open" list that would seem to me to be
> > "accepted", if not "done" in some cases, according to the criteria
> > described by the headings.  (Specifically, PEPs 218, 237, 273, 282, 283,
> > 301, 302, 305, and 307.)
>Some of those (e.g. 237) have multiple stages and ought to remain open
>until the last stage is implemented.  283 ought to remain open until
>Python 2.3 final is released.  Some others need to be brought in line
>with what ended up being implemented.  Authors with commit privileges
>can update their own PEPs; others can send patches or new versions to
>the PEP editors.

The PEP list has an additional heading called "Accepted"; currently only 
252 and 253 are in that category.  I would've thought that the ones like 
237 and 283 that are not "Done" but are definitely "accepted" would go 
under that "Accepted" heading.

It's not a big deal, but it's very hard to see from the list which things 
are "in progress", "need revisions", or are "unlikely to make it".  So 
since I already took the trouble to work out the answers for myself, I 
thought I'd offer to help the next person who came along.  :)