[Python-Dev] Problems w/ Python 2.2-maint and Redhat 9

Barry Warsaw barry@python.org
27 Apr 2003 01:02:27 -0400

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I've been upgrading a few machines to Redhat 9 from 7.3 and I've run
into a few minor problems with Python on the 2.2 maint branch.  Both
dbmmodule and _socket fail to build properly.  Neither problems exist in
2.3 cvs.

The socket problem is fairly shallow I think: including ssl.h eventually
includes krb5.h.  Python 2.3's setup.py has a couple of lines of code to
deal with this, and that just needs to go into 2.2 maint's setup.py, so
I checked this in.

The dbm problem is just a bit deeper.  dbm ends up linking against gdbm,
so the library has to be specified in setup.py.  I'm nervous about
adding the stuff to setup.py because I don't want to break other
platforms.  Looking at 2.3's setup.py shows this section to be more
complicated and I'm too tired to tease everything out tonight.  I'll
attach a diff to this message in case anybody else feels like mucking
with it in the meantime.


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Index: setup.py
RCS file: /cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/setup.py,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.73.4.16 setup.py
--- setup.py	27 Apr 2003 04:00:01 -0000
+++ setup.py	27 Apr 2003 05:00:15 -0000
@@ -406,7 +406,8 @@
                 exts.append( Extension('dbm', ['dbmmodule.c'],
                                        libraries = ['db1'] ) )
-                exts.append( Extension('dbm', ['dbmmodule.c']) )
+                exts.append( Extension('dbm', ['dbmmodule.c'],
+                                       libraries = ['gdbm']) )
         # Anthony Baxter's gdbm module.  GNU dbm(3) will require -lgdbm:
         if (self.compiler.find_library_file(lib_dirs, 'gdbm')):