[Python-Dev] Antigen found CorruptedCompressedUuencodeFile virus

Daniel Berlin dberlin@dberlin.org
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 12:25:43 -0400

Yes, it's the incredible "even if it was valid uuencoded text, it would 
be a very dangerous empty file" virus.
Who designs this shite?
What's next?
"Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with 
YourMailerCantDoMIMEProperly virus"
or maybe
"Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with YouQuotedTooMuchText 
or more likely
"Antigen for Exchange found our entire organization infected with 
WeUseBrainDeadAntiVirusSoftware virus"

On Sunday, April 27, 2003, at 11:50  AM, ANTIGEN_NETSYS-NT-SERV wrote:

> Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with
> CorruptedCompressedUuencodeFile virus.
> The file is currently Removed.  The message, "Why doesn't the uu 
> module give
> you the filename?", was
> sent from python-list-admin@python.org and was discovered in IMC
> Queues\Inbound
> located at Netsys International/NETSYS/NETSYS-NT-SERV.