[Python-Dev] Python 2.3b1 has 20% slower networking?

Jeff Epler jepler@unpythonic.net
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:04:22 -0500

I can also reproduce the slowdown.

Measured on a Redhat 9 machine, python-2.2.2-26.i386.rpm vs python 2.3b1
compiled with default options.  700MHz Pentium III in a laptop. best of 3
runs.  Count of 100000.  Running over the loopback device.  Sentence

Server  Client  Throughput  Speed
2.2     2.2     53520.4     100.00%
2.2     2.3b1   43726.28    81.70%
2.3b1   2.2     43032.06    80.40%
2.3b1   2.3b1   38283.78    71.53%

System load was low at the time, though I had various apps running.

I also ran the test over my 802.11b wireless setup:
Server  Client  Throughput  Speed
2.2     2.2     639.16      100.00%
2.3b1   2.2     639.07      99.98%
(client was a 350MHz machine with various programs running)

that is, when running over a relatively slow link (theoretically, 11mbps)
the slowdown is not measurable.  However, I don't think that this really
decreases the importance of this performance regression.